We honor our veteran long ears today and we ask your support to stop the killing in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

Dear Wild Burro Supporter,

I wanted to update you on the tragic killings of my cousins the wild burros that is on-going in Texas.  To date, we have heard nothing from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Commission or Governor Perry.  In a few weeks time the petition will be delivered by my friend Marjorie Farabee on the Back of a mammoth burro named Miss Hannah.  Of course, I will be there too, pulling a covered wagon.  So, please share this petition to save my families lives.  Keep it going, share it, speak about it. Make it real to your human friends.  WE ARE DYING DAILY.

The Wild Burro Protection League is ready with contingency plans which includes their rescue out of the park if it is absolutely necessary.  We are ready to address the worst possible outcome-accelerated killing of wild burros.  My friends, Marjorie and Karen Luce have discovered through freedom of information requests that the park has moved in five more killers to go after my dear cousins.  It is a blood bath.  Worse, in this case, we don't panic and run like other wild animals, because we have it in our DNA to be careful not to jump without looking first.  It saves our lives in the terrain we call home.  But, this trait makes us sitting ducks for sharp shooters.  We just stand trying to figure out why our family is dropping down in agony around us.  Why our babies are bloody and in a heap at our feet.  We think.  In this case, it is not a good thing.  This video that was taken in Australia is not being shown here to shock any body.  It is to learn.  It is being shown to offer all of you a glimpse into how terrible this killing is for us.  WE DON'T MOVE.  No real hunter would do this!!!  No real hunter would proudly stand up and say they are a part of this.  No real hunter would stand behind the complete eradication of elk, aoudad, burros, cougar, and bobcat.  And, to make it even more unfair, they are using helicopters too.  This is not ethical.  Real hunters honor what they kill, and respect wildlife.  They become a part of the truer nature of life and death in the wild.  They follow the code.  The TPWD is on a killing spree that is so out of control, nature will bite them for it.  She will speak when the park collapses around them and nature responds with death everywhere.  It is the law of unintended consequences.  Obviously, they have not heard the expression "Do not mess with Mother Nature".  We donkeys, are stroked by her kind hand, we carry the wisdom of the ages in our DNA, and she loves us. We are kindred spirits and old souls.  We respect our place in her house, humans do not, and they are quickly becoming unwanted guests.

Please watch this video so that you can understand why they are able to gun down so many at once.  Look at this and ask yourself if you support this.  Do you?  And, be warned it will hurt your heart, and make your children cry.  Please don't let those innocent angels watch it.  But, you must force yourself.  You must see how unfair this is.  My beloved cousins don't have a chance against these cruel humans.
We are holding a town hall meeting in beautiful Alpine, Texas at the historic Granada Theatre-November 16th at 7 pm.  The Alpine Art Walk Parade will include my wonderful burro friends and me Miss Abby!!! We will proudly carry riders marching in a demonstration of the amazing contributions of my cousins the wild burros to the local, regional and state heritage and culture.

Texas Parks and Wildlife is obligated to protect the cultural heritage of Texas, but they have refused to recognize the living history embodied in my family the wild burros roaming free on their public lands.  Along with Alpine, there are several historic and cultural designations that recognize the incredible and unique blend of Mexican, native American, and Texan heritage along this stretch of the Rio Grande River (Rio del Norte). The Rio Grande has similarly been recognized as a National Heritage River because of the outstanding cultural and historical significance of the public lands, natural resources, and communities of this area.

If Texas Parks and Wildlife refuses to do their duty to protect my family, the wild burros as an integral part of the American people's natural and cultural heritage, there is another agency that is even more strictly bound to protect the culture and heritage of Texas.  The Texas Historical Commission.  Please write or e-mail them today, and request that they stand up for the wild burros and protect them as a living legacy, a living part of the cultural history of West Texas .  Will every agency fail to protect the Public Trust and the history and culture of this region and America?  They will if no one speaks up!

What are your feelings about the historical and cultural presence of my cousins the wild burros?  Are they part of the American people's heritage and deserving of real protection?  Contact them and let them know how you feel:

Texas Historical Commission
Chairman Jon Hansen, Call the Commission at: (512) 463-6100
Vice-Chairman David A. Gravelle, e-mail them at:  thc@thc.state.tx.us
Executive Director, Mark Wolfe
Deputy Director Terry Colley

Write a letter:
P.O. Box 12276
Austin, TX 78711-2276

Fax a letter to: (512) 475-4872

Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneering spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American peoplel; and that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene.  It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands.

And, despite this Texas is killing us with total disregard for our contributions to the local culture to history, to tourism, to wildlife, to our people who love us.  It hurts them.  I have seen Marjorie cry, I have heard Johnny declare how this hurts his heart.  I know Karen, and the rest of Wild Burro Protection League is mourning the loss of my beautiful, peaceful cousins, the wild burro. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is content to see we burros, who are living symbols of the American people's historic and pioneering spirit, disappear forever.  Is that what you want?

Marjorie, Johnny, Karen and all of the Wild Burro Protection League have fought so hard to save us, and raise awareness.  This has been a years long battle that I hope we win.  If we cannot and must accept a permanent loss of our freedom for no good reason, Johnny will buy land near the park to save us. The League is unwavering in its desire to keep us free, but will save us if they must.  Oh my dear cousins, I hope we can keep you free.  We will try, the locals love you, they send their honor to you.  They stand for you.  They are not shooting you, they respect you.  On the wings of the angel Charles our hope rests.