Bartolo was named student of the year !
Donkeys Can Do!
I am so proud of my smart Spanish cousin Bartolo!  I wonder if I would make strait A's in donkey therapy school?  I think it would be such an honorable profession to pursue!  Yes, I'll have to see if I can get a student loan from Johnny.  I bet he would help me out.  I am after all his favorite donkey.  (He says so, but I heard him say the same to Jerry...hmmm) Well, I'll quit bending your tiny ears about me.  
Here is the story about my Spanish cousin. He has graduated from school with the highest of marks!  I always knew he was going to be a doctor!!! 
Bartolo is a gorgeous looking, hard working donkey. He came to us from another charity, CYD Santamaría, that deals with horses. They had found him abandoned in the Guadalhorce Valley area, near Málaga, wandering around aimlessly.
Ever since his arrival to El Refugio del Burrito he has turned his life around and now has decided to complete his studies with a degree in Donkey Assisted Riding Therapy for Children With Special Needs, and has already won an award to go and work at Córdoba Zoo, where fellow therapist Carmelo is retiring after working with children for the past two years.
Bartolo is very conscious of the task ahead and gets really involved in his training sessions. It is very rare nowadays to see such a dedicated student. He is always on time for his lessons and you can hear him braying with joy when meeting his proud trainers.
Bartolo’s marks are excellent, he never wants less than an A+ ! And so far, he’s managed to get those results in the following subjects: Grooming, sports, patience, motivation, Calming Therapy and saddlery. For all of the above he will also be awarded with the Student of the Year award.
We are sure he will be a fantastic addition to our Riding Therapy programme in Córdoba, and cannot wait for him to finally get his full degree and start working with children, which is his biggest wish.
Well done Bartolo, welcome to our team!
If you wish to help other donkeys like Bartolo, and therefore help children with special needs who benefit from our Donkey Assisted Therapy programme, please go to our Ways You Can Help button on the website, or call our fundraising office on 952 73 50 77.