Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Okay, now I am Angry!  Really angry!  This is a mom and her baby they are talking about killing and throwing away like garbage.  Life!  Beautiful, innocent, young life, and they decided to shoot them.  Just shoot them AFTER they were captured!!!  Unbelievable.
MARJORIE!!! JOHNNY!!! KAREN!!! CAN'T YOU STOP THEM? Why can't you stop them? Why? This is unethical, unrelenting, persecution of my family. What did they do? What? They must have been so frightened!!  

The following is an excerpt out of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents we just received: 
"I interviewed Dr. William Brown by phone today to get. more specifics about the project. He estimated about 100 man-hours of APHIS time went into locating and building the trap near the mouth of Rancherias Canyon. TPWD invested at least 40 man-hours of meeting, planning and purchasing time. The burros would not take the bait in the trap. Sometime in late October or early November he then went out with a crew of eight vaqueros and cowboys to try a drive. This drive consumed another 40 man-hours. After gathering a "bunch" and trying to herd them, the net result was one roped jenny with a foal at her side. They were euthanized and disposed in the Presidio dump for $5.00 per head."

Grahamn Jones  
(Texas Parks and Wildlife employee)

More excerpts from the report on this incident:

According to Dr. Brown the official APHIS policy in regard to feral burros is to quarantine them and test them for foreign animal diseases. This is a more comprehensive test than just the "Coggins Test" for only equine infectious anemia known to horse owners in the U.S. The foreign animal disease test costs APHIS $85.00 per animal plus $5/day for keep while in quarantine. If the feral burros do not test positive, then they are offered to the market. If there aren't any takers, then they are euthanized. When asked if there 
was any market for them he replied "Not much. Maybe a couple of dollars.~ When asked what he thought was the best way for us to deal with the feral burro problem in Big Bend Ranch State Park, he replied "Shoot 'em. That's the best way. Any other way would be expensive." He stated that his superiors in Austin told him to discontinue the feral burro project with us "because it was too expensive". Dr. Brown suggested that I call a sale barn in El Paso to get a more accurate value. I called Joe Rios auction sale barn and asked for a market estimate for an "unbroken, adult, burro." The woman with whom I spoke said about 10 cents a pound "if you even get a bidder." She said that turns into $20 to $30 per animal. When I asked· her to give me a call if she wanted a bunch of them. .... she just laughed.
Joe Carter (TPWD)


Anonymous said...

This is despicable. Those burros are not hurting anyone. The people who kill them obviously are and should be prosecuted. This is a fine example of legally sanctioned murder. People are occupying cities all over the world to call attention to unmitigated greed that harms others, but the ones who need to learn the lesson aren't listening. They have dollar signs in their eyes. Hope they're so blinded by greed that they go out to shoot the burros and shoot each other instead. Now THAT would be a blessing.

Miss Abby said...

Yes, ma'am. Marjorie did a radio interview today with news out of Odessa. One statement was interesting, when the announcer said to Marjorie, "You are losing!" Marjorie stated it is the classic David and Goliath. We the people are the majority who want these burros to live, along with auodad, cougars, elk and all the others the Texas Parks and Wildlife people intend to completely eliminate. We may not have the influential and exceedingly wealthy credentials, but we do have numbers. The locals benefit from the joy of having this naturally occurring herd in their midst. They want them to stay and benefit from their presence both in tourism dollars, and the mental wellbeing of knowing they are there.