This has really been such a tough week.  I have missed Marjorie so.  But, we had a lot of fun at Tom O'Carroll's Longear Play day, this weekend, which was great!.  It was really fun to see everybody again.  Unfortunately, we donkeys don't get to talk to each other much, but we have fun trying to out-do each other.  I know I made Marjorie proud, she told me so! From what I could see, everybody was really trying their very best.  We saw lots of Marjorie's friends there too, like Walter and Lee, and Sally. Sally has three little mini's that pull side by side.  It is sooooo cute, and they do a great job. Yes, it was fun. But, you kinda get where you depend on seeing some humans everyday.  I especially love it when she calls me Abigale, or Abberdabbers....yes,.. it is going to be a long week while I wait for my good friend to get back from Arlington, VA.

I am so happy that there are so many who care about wild burros.  Ask Marjorie, I was beside myself with worry, when I learned that 200 of my cousins were gunned down inside Big Bend Ranch State Park. They did not give an honest report either. In fact, Luis Armendariz and Robert Garcia have both spoken to Marjorie, and they state that there were over 200 killed by Mike Hill, Dan Sholly, and Scott Boruff.  Yet, the papers only reported 71. But, at least lots of people really got mad.  Luis Armendariz and Robert Garcia left their jobs with the parks in protest of the shootings.  They really stuck up for my wild cousins. And for a while they quit murdering burros.  Then the Texas Bighorn Society made it clear that they must remove the burros if they were going to release bighorn to the park.

It was so sneaky TPWD to start shooting my family again.  Since August of 2010 they have shot 50 or more in cold blood.  Horrible! Why? They have not done ANY studies.  None.  Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has stated they will eradicate all the burros to the best of their abilities. It is unjustified!  Marjorie, Johnny, Karen, and so many others have tried to find a way to make them stop.  Right now, the only thing that will work will be public opinion.  If you care that my wild burro cousins are a  .National Heritage Species, and you do not want them shot, please speak out to anyone who will listen, but specifically Governor Perry.

I am going to miss my friend Marjorie.....but I am so glad she is going to go and speak out on the hill and at the International Equine Conference on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She said she would be at the rally on the 25th too.  I am so excited!  Hurry home, Marjorie.  I just hope she will find enough other people who care, to make a difference.  Personally, I can not understand why I could not come along.  I'd like to meet our Senators, too!
Que viven los burros,
Miss Abby