Miss Abby's desert friends Penelope and Chey

My friends in Alpine are telling me that the community people who live around the two parks, Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park, want my cousins to live in peace in the park. Businesses are rallying around the wise burro who has lived here for centuries and beyond.  In fact, there are many in the science community that believe that there never was a complete die off 10,000 years ago.  So my friend Pen can go back many many many generations to her ancestors in Big Bend.  She is such a nice donkey friend to have, and she has been really super about keeping me up to date on what is happening in the park by her house.  So many in the community are very upset at what the powers that be have decided to do to their community.  They don't even live there.  They live 8 hours away, and have no idea how the community feels about we burros.  They really need to borrow a pair of our ears so that they can listen for once.  Pen says Alpine wants the burros to stay, and Zachary says Marathon and Marfa want the burro to stay.  Curtis Swafford says Terlingua wants the burro to stay.  So, with all of this support, why do they want us to go?  I do know Penelope, Chey, Rachael, and all the other locals will help everyway they know how.  We just have to believe.  I believe.  Thank you my little friend Chey, you make it easy to believe.

Chey is the sweetest girl.  She does so much for the mustangs and burros, it makes me tear with joy.  If this young girl can stand up for what is right, what keeps good people from standing up for what is right?  Why do they turn their heads away when they know they are witnessing something horribly wrong? It makes me shake my ears in disbelief.  So, seeing this young girl take such a brave stance is a testament to her character.

Penelope my cousin, is Chey's best friend.  They are beautiful together, because they clearly have developed a relationship.  For donkeys it is the key to everything. If you are a good person, we enjoy being with you!  Although, errrr hmmm... you might need to discuss with us why you want us to do something foolish that will get us hurt.  When you have mutual trust like Chey, Penelope,  Marjorie and I, we know that if we are asked it is because they believe that what they are asking us to do is safe.  Sometimes they are wrong, and we must warn them of the risk because I don't want the humans I know to ever get hurt.  I know Penelope feels the same and will protect Chey the best she can.  Besides, every one knows, donkeys can do.

We are going to stop the killing in Big Bend Ranch State Park, by raising awareness that it is going on.  We are going to make it difficult to be a good person and turn your head away.  My cousins have been a part of the ecosystem of that beautiful yet harsh place for many centuries.  Not only have they thrived in the climate, but they have become such a part of the fabric of this ecosystem that their removal will cause unintended damage.  They are and have been a part of the balance.  Because we donkeys do not have four stomachs, Penelope tells me she sees birds pecking at her piles. We don't hang out at watering holes because it is not safe and we prefer to keep moving. Penelope  also says when water is too far away, and our wild cousins are really thirsty, they smell the ground.  Because this terrain is full of natural underground and above ground springs, they can dig a small hole and it fills with water.  Everybody benefits... everyone, from rabbits to sheep.

So stay posted for what me and Penelope come up with.  We are not giving up on our cousins.