Welcome Los Lunas Ladies!

We are so excited!  We can not wait!  We have some new additions to our family waiting to make their way to Texas from NM.  Whew, it was close, but these gals beat the odds. They had the misfortune of ending up in Denis Chavez' kill pens in Los Lunas, NM.  But, a community of people got together and said, "Not on our watch!"  So, the rescue began.  There was Kristen who spotted them, and got the word out.  Brandi who alerted Marjorie in Texas, and then when she sent out a blast for help in the area, she was answered by some wonderful people who live in Los Lunas..  Dorothea Lotter led the rescue, and got them out of there.  It makes this donkey very happy to know they are coming here.

When Dorothea picked up the eleven lucky donkeys and brought them home, Moonbeam gave birth to Sunrise.  Sadly, Sunrise did  not make it.  I am so sorry, Moonbeam.  It must have been that Moonbeam was too sick and old, and had been through too much.  I can not wait to introduce her to Maybelene our 30 year old senior who has a similar story to tell.  Those two will have stories to share. And, she will be accompanied by another senior named Rose who just happens to look like Marjorie's therapist Nora.  Nora is leading the pack in the photo I shared.  I have just one thing to say besides welcome ladies.  That is keep you mouths off my coconut macaroons.  Those are purchased for only me!  I might share one with Moonbeam, just because......  Oh alright, I'll share them with both of you, just this one time.  After that, you'll have to stick to carrots and ginger snaps like everybody else here.  Welcome to TMR Rescue, girls.  Life for you has just changed for the better.