Oh my, what a cute little baby, dear Elizabeth has had.  She had a rough first day with her new son, Charles.  Even though he is small, my guess is about 15 lbs, my little friend Elizabeth is very tiny, too.  I remember when she came to the ranch.  A horse trader was on his way to auction with two donkeys.  One was Elizabeth, and the other Pedro.  Elizabeth was so tiny in the trailer, and frightened to death.  The horse trader said she was 19 months old, and already bred.  We just did not know to whom.  I nudged Marjorie really hard, and she understood.  We HAD to make them safe.  I was so glad Marjorie and Johnny paid attention to me, and bought both of them from that horse trader.  Lucky for all of us, he stopped in on his way to the auction.  I can not imagine a tiny little donkey like Elizabeth crowded into a trailer full of large frightened horses, headed to Mexico.  Instead, I am happy to say, they are part of the Todd Mission Ranch family.  One stop changed the course of their lives, and ours.  Now, as for the baby?  I think the mystery is solved.  Pedro is a very handsome jack, and a flirtatious fellow.  But, his lovely coat is a frosty blue.  Well, guess what color little Charles' coat is?  Yes, indeed, it is a frosty color.  No wonder Elizabeth really struggled with this baby, Pedro is a large standard. I'll have to make sure he gets the news that he is a proud papa.  I love it when I am able to  talk about happy endings.