Burro Awareness: The Tragedy of Roundups | American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

They have got to stop it, now! Look! Look! They knocked her down, and made her dear, little foal run, and run, and run. They did not give them water, they did not treat them gently. My cousins do not deserve this, they just want to live and be free. They just want to stay with the land that has been theirs for centuries, and before that for millions of years. I have been patient, as only a donkey can be. I have been tolerant, as only a donkey can be. I have searched deep in my soul to understand, and make sense of this, as only a donkey can. Well, now I am angry, which really is unusual for a donkey. This is completely unneeded, harassment. I am going to get hold of friends in Germany, and Europe to see if they want to come to our parks when all of the burros and wild horses are gone. My bet is that they will be very disappointed. Yes, this donkey is thinking of every avenue to stop this brutality. I am very upset, and angry about this. It is more than even a level headed, smart donkey can endure. What is so sad, is that it is our smarts that get us in so much trouble.