Saturday, April 9, 2011


Fenway Bartholomule may stop by for a visit.  I hope so.  Even though he is just half ass, he is a very cool half ass.  He shared this site with me, and I have got to share it with everybody.  They don't just have mules at Bishop Mule Days.  I sure hope we can enter driving events there, in the very near future.  My friend Jim the mule will love to go with me.  But, of course, Marjorie will do better with me the donkey.  heeee heee haw  I love Jim, but he is only half ass.  He can't help it if I am better at things than him.


Bent Barrow Farm said...

Miss Abby, if you and I ever wind up in Bishop at the same time, I'll tell you what we're going to do—we're going to head on down to the watering hole and you're going to let me buy you a hot bran mash.

(Now, just between the two of us, I'll tell you something—if I ever meet you in a competition, I'll let you win. Not because I am a gentlemule, although I am, but because my horse half sometimes gets the better of me in new situations. I'm not sure I'd be brave, stoic, and mulish in front of such a crowd!)

I'm glad to see the blog, Miss Abby! The internet needs more asses (and no, I don't mean the ones that are unfortunately so common online!).

Three cheers for ears!

Fenway Bartholomule

Miss Abby said...

I am so happy you stopped by, Fenway! I'll let TMR Master's Jim and John know we spoke. They, being half assed themselves, are big fans of yours! I'll take you up on that mash. I never turn down an offer to eat. <3 I'm not one for looking at boys, but you sure are handsome, Fenway.