Thursday, March 31, 2011


Miss Abby says, "I would like to share a story about an incredible little donkey who has the heart the size of a lion. His name is Patrick and he was rescued..." (Click here:
Dream Valley Ranch: The Little Donkey Who Could


Dream Valley Ranch said...

Hello Miss Abby,
Thanks for finding my blog! But I wanted to let you know that you can see how Patrick and his 4 donkey brothers are all doing by visiting the Morning Bray Farm at

Justina and Don, the humans at Morning Bray, are simply wonderful people!

One day we hope to rescue two donkeys and be able to give them a heavenly and wonderful life at Dream Valley Ranch. First we must build the right shelter for them and find a way to add two more critters to our world.

We thank you for all that you do to help get the word out on how wonderful, sweet, playful, and adorable donkeys are!

Woofs and whinnies from everyone at DVR,
Sue and the crew

Miss Abby said...

Thank you for clarifying, Sue. Yes, I hope to bring awareness to how wise and kind we are. Poor Patrick should never have suffered like that. I hope we can teach people to treat us with kindness. We don't ask for much, and we are always glad to give. Just respect that our lives have meaning, too. It is all that we ask. Although, a coconut macaroon would be a thoughtful gesture. =:-)t

Miss Abby said... We must stop the practice of using donkeys in such a painful, and abusive way. This should be illegal.

Miss Abby said... Donkeys can do!

Brandi said...

I see my friend are already here. You have met Miss Sue, and you have seen Patrick. Thank you for allowing us to join you here.

Miss Abby said...

I do hope Patrick has a wonderful life like me. We donkeys are such nice friends to people. I do not understand why people are so mean sometimes. But, then again, I do have a couple of donkey friends who can be kinda mean sometimes. So, I guess different personalities, and different situations can make donkeys behave badly just like people. Sigh